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18 and Ready to Fuck


Felicity just turned 18 and wants to fuck! Her brother’s friend slinks into her room and in a few moments her perky tits are exposed and his finger is knuckle-deep in her pussy. He asks if she’s ever had sex before.

“Once or twice,” she says.

“It’s still tight. You haven’t had it for a while,” he replies.

If it feels tight on his finger, imagine how it feels on his cock. Fucking feels just as amazing for Felicity, too. She moans and howls as he pounds her from below. She meets every thrust of his cock by slamming her pussy back down till he’s balls-deep inside of her.

They get in the spooning position and her moans are muffled as she sucks on his finger. Now that Felicity has felt him, she wants to taste him. And that’s exactly what she does as he unloads on her tongue. Not bad for only her second or third time.

Date: January 2, 2020