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Blast From the Past


This week we’re featuring two classic videos from the 18eighteen vaults.

The first video stars Melissa from the best-selling teen flick Teens In Need.

Melissa is a tanned Latina cutie, and she’s definitely in need of cock. You can tell she’s craving something hard by the way she sucks her lollipop. She rubs it on her brown nipples, getting them nice and stiff.

In walks our stud, and he’s stiff too. Melissa stops tonguing her lollipop and starts sucking his cock. He goes down on her, swirling the lolli all around her pussy to make it extra sweet for his tongue and his cock.

Melissa rides him and he grabs two handfuls of her caramel booty. We can see her wetness spreading around her taint as he pounds her. This is pure, carnal fucking, and who better to partake in it than a tight, tiny-titted teen.

Date: November 18, 2019