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She Knows What She’s Doing


Mandy knows what she’s doing. That short skirt? It wasn’t a coincidence that she decided to wear it when she knew you’d be around. Dropping her pen? It’s not because she’s clumsy. Asking you to pick it up? She’s crafted this scenario so she can spread her legs and show you her cotton panties. She wants to rub her pussy as much as you want to see her do it.

Now that she has your attention, she goes to town on her cookie. First, she’s rubbing it through her panties. Then she slowly peels her undies off, taking her time to tease you and make you want her even more. Mandy is a tease, but she also delivers.

Finally we get to see her tiny tits and pretty innie pussy. Mandy rubs and fingers her slit to an erotic teen orgasm. Like we said, she knows what she’s doing.

Date: January 2, 2020