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Leda Doesn’t Want a Good Guy


Leda’s tutor is a good guy.

“Yes, she’s cute…not that it matters,” he says to his friend on the phone.

“No, I won’t take a picture of her.”

That’s considerate of him, but the thing is, Leda is a naughty girl. If he won’t step up and be a perv, she will.

“I’m 18,” she says while stroking his cock through his pants. Leda takes his cock out and tentatively licks the tip. Tastes good, so she works more of his huge dick into her tiny mouth, stroking what she can’t shove down her throat. She eventually deep throats him, which is no easy feat.

Then he deep dicks her, penetrating her deeply while she’s on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest. Leda has fun in every position, moaning, squealing and backing her ass up to meet his every thrust.

Her horny antics get her a huge facial at the end. Looks like her tutor isn’t such a good guy anymore, and that’s exactly the way Leda prefers it.

Date: April 3, 2020