Getting Kali Off

Getting Kali Off

Getting Kali Off

What kind of a guy does it take to get a chick like Kali Dreams off?

“My guy has to have a big cock,” she said. “He has to be kind of a bad boy, too. I need a bad boy in this square world.”

If there’s anything our boy Matt Bixel isn’t, it’s a square. You know that right off the bat as soon as you see him smacking and grabbing handfuls of Kali’s phat ass as she twerks for him.

“A man’s hands are really important to me, too,” she said. “I look at a guy’s hands when I meet him to see if he’s sexually trained and prepared to handle my body.”

An ass like this is always going to be a handful, but Matt is more than capable of holding his own with Kali as she pops her ass and pussy on his cock. Next, Matt bends Kali over and stuffs his cock inside her and beasts on her pussy doggy-style before dropping a ton of cum on her ass and pussy.

That’s how you get a bad bitch off.

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Jamie Lynn Needs a Dong to Suck!




Jamie Lynn is super fucking sexy. Dressed head to toe in conservative brown, her amazing body and undeniable sex drive push through and she can’t keep her hands off those soft warm curves.

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Neighborhood Swingers #21 – Ryan Mclane & Jake Adams & Jennifer Jacobs & Honey Gold

Summer is among us and these four are taking in the sun. The drinks are flowing and the chips are good. Jennifer Jacobs is really admiring Honey Gold’s bathing suit and asks to try it on. The girls decide what the hell and they strip the tops off right there. Ryan Mclane notices that Honey’s hands are full so he wants to play a little joke with her and asks her to get him a chip. She needs to improvise and use what she has available, her mouth!
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