Anna Beck – Beck Is Back To Bone

Beck Is Back To Bone

Beck Is Back To Bone

Many call her the queen of the Euro-plumpers. Always looking to improve her English, Anna Beck, she of the super-natural mountains of XL Girls, spends the afternoon with Dellon. They go over the Czech pronunciation of English words while Dellon understandably finds it difficult to concentrate with sexy Anna’s massive cleavage trying to control his brainwaves and succeeding.

What do the English words “long,” “giant,” and “juicy” mean to Anna? You betcha. Their flirting word games and hand gestures lead to bigger and better things when Dellon reaches out for ample Anna’s heavy and thick jugs of jubilation. She accepts his horny handout and turns around with her ass pressed against him so he can encircle her boobage and help her drop her bra. And when Anna Beck’s titanic ta-tas are released from her hooter holster, step a foot back! More than a handful, Anna is a juicy, ripe melon waiting to be savored and squeezed.

The English lesson can wait while they bone on the couch and forego word pronunciation. Dellon gives Anna’s boobage lots of attention, the attention they so rightfully deserve with hands- and face-time in her cleavage. He drives his skin bus through her steep mammary mountains and takes the detour south to her tunnel of pink love. Anna needs to teach him some Czech words for tits and ass…after he delivers his pocket rocket fuel.

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Katrin – Busty Blonde Likes To Be Watched

Busty Blonde Likes To Be Watched

Busty Blonde Likes To Be Watched

“I practiced in front of the mirrors at home the day before I came to the studio so I would look just right,” Katrin explained. “It was exciting to do this. All I could think about was how sexy I could be for the guys who would be seeing me.”

An amateur with a luscious and voluptuous body and a pretty face, Katrin wanted to fulfill her fantasies and decided to go for it. No amateur when it comes to getting it on, she said she gets as much sex as she wants at home and likes to use mirrors in her bedroom. She reads books and watches videos about different sexual positions, not for stimulation but to learn new moves to try at home or on holiday.

So Katrin needed very little direction as far as the sex and pretty much knew everything (like Mia Khalifa in the beginning of her time in porn) and her fuck-man helped train her for this scene when it came to doing the deed on-camera. He wanted to get into Katrin’s pink very badly the second he saw her. She was amused but eager to spread wide and get boned, occasionally eye-banging the camera until she got lost in the sex and forgot that the camera and the cameraman were even there.

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Delia and Maddie Share a Fat Schlong!


Delia and Maddie are two horny teens who share everything, and that includes cock! These two even lick each other’s clits while the other is getting fucked! Delia and Maddie can make any guy’s dream come true, they really are a dream fucking team!

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Busty Emma – Bake & Shake

Bake & Shake

Bake & Shake

Busty Emma is having a bake sale and that gives her a chance to show off her tasty treats. At XL Girls, no bodaciously buxom babe needs a reason to show off her tasty treats but let’s go with it and watch Emma have some sugar-shocking fun. She can bake off while we beat off. That’s a fair trade.

Emma is busty and proud.

“I love my cleavage showing. I wear short dresses to show my tattoos on my legs. I wear tight shirts to show a lot of cleavage. I like the attention. That makes me feel good. I have boobs and belly. I think my biggest asset is my tits! Guys have always loved that they are big and natural. I also value my mind because I am very smart and dedicated to getting my degree and becoming an LVT, a licensed veterinary technician.”

Emma is an exhibitionist so she was drawn to showing off her bod in everyday life and masturbating and fucking on-camera. Becoming a model was the logical thing to do. “I like to use my vibrator on my clit. I use a glass dildo and I really enjoy how it feels.”

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Lori Suarez – Interracial MILF Booty

Interracial MILF Booty

Interracial MILF Booty

Latinas are like a fine wine. They only get better with age. Lori Suarez is exactly the type of chica where that saying holds true. She’s a certified MILF who can still pop her booty with the baddest chicks at any club.

Our boy Lucas Stone sneaks up on Lori as she’s bouncing her butt in some skin-tight jeans and smacks her ass.

“Naughty boy,” Lori says. “You’re watching me dancing.”

After a little ass-play, she shows Lucas that she’s still a pro at going down on a dude’s stiff dick. Lori looks like she’s been waiting a long time for a healthy serving of black cock as she nearly swallows his hung magic stick several times.

“I can’t wait to ride that dick,” she says in between swallows.

When Lori hops on top of his cock, you can tell she’s been fiending for some stiff, black dick.

“Oh, yeah, it’s all yours, baby,” she says as she bounces her phat ass on his cock. “Oh, I love that dick.”

Lucas turns her over later and goes to work on her pussy from behind. Lori gets some sticky cum all over her ass when he’s finally done.

“I love it,” she says. “I can’t get enough dick.”

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Lila Payne – Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne

Lila Payne explained how she first got into the pleasure business in Australia where it’s legal and regulated in three eastern states, legal and not regulated in the rest of the nation.

“Before I started working as a private escort, I worked in a brothel in Sydney, and I was so full of beans when I started working. I had my earrings and my heels. I was totally dolled up in a way I didn’t need to be. I was so ready to go, and I was young, but I knew what I was doing. So they picked someone to see me as my first client.

“He was a 30-year-old Indian gentleman. He was cute and really shy. First we did this sexual health test where I put on gloves and checked him out. It’s an elaborate sexual health test all clients go through, and most people pass. Then we had a shower and kissed, and it felt totally normal. Then we had sex. It was really quick and felt great, then I gave him a massage and we talked. Then we had sex again and cuddled, just like a couple would.

“I have people who pay me to sit around and just have pizza with them in our pajamas. And that was it, and I didn’t come out of the session feeling, ‘Now I’m a whore.’ I just felt good and happy, and I just went from there. And I feel like I’m good at it.”

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Claudia Marie Interracial Bikini Fuck

Claudia Marie Interracial Bikini Fuck

Claudia Marie stuffs her huge saggy low hangers fake tits and fat ass into a tiny bikini and goes to the hotel pool. But once she gets there, she realizes she forgot her towel. On the way back to the room to get her towel she meets a black stud who offers to walk with her. Once they get to the room, he gets his hands knuckles deep in her soft tit flesh. Then he pounds that soft pink whore hole with his rock hard super-dark chocolate cock and cums in her mouth!

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Samantha 38G – Latex Mistress

Latex Mistress

Latex Mistress

Samantha 38G has a wicked paddle and an even more wicked red Latex dress she’s poured into. It’s tight and hugs every curve like it was painted on. That’s the basics of Samantha’s clothing style for as long as we’ve known her. Tight is right. Small lingerie, small bras, bright colors. No black clothes. Samantha believes black is boring in a video or on a page. This red dress on Sam definitely pops.

“Samantha seems to get sexier with age. I like the way her areolae have darkened,” L.B. wrote to XL Girls magazine.

B.W. mailed his own ode to Sam. “Samantha 38G has it all and continues to be great in all aspects of showing off that hot, sexy body. She keeps us plumper lovers hard and happy. I would love to have sex with this hottie. I’d love to fondle and suck on those big tits and eat that sweet, wet, warm, pink pussy and pump that gorgeous ass.”

Where does the time go? It’s been fifteen years since Samantha debuted but it doesn’t seem like it. It seems like yesterday. With her friends Maria Moore and Sapphire, Samantha is one of the “Holy Trinity,” as Samantha calls it, of BBW porn. All three started here and went off to successful, ongoing careers. Girls come, cum and go but Samantha 38G, Maria and Sapphire are the few constants in this part of the adult universe.

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Kylie Quinn – Better Than Her Sister

Better Than Her Sister

Better Than Her Sister

Kylie uses her sister’s phone to text a guy to come over. He’s surprised to find that it’s Kylie waiting for him under the covers and not his actual girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from sticking his cock in her mouth. We don’t blame him. Kylie is practically begging for it. And what guy hasn’t fantasized about his girlfriend’s sister? Kylie wants to suck cock better than her sister so she bobs her head up and down, taking this guy’s big dick as deep down her throat as she can. We don’t know how her sister fucks, but with Kylie’s tight, horny pussy we bet she gives her sister a run for her money.

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Mischel Lee – Bullet Bra Babe

Bullet Bra Babe

Bullet Bra Babe

“Some men are more interested in my hair than in my boobs,” said Mischel Lee, who’s got her now-bigger tits encased in a bullet bra, the pointed bra worn to create sweater missiles in the 1950s.

“I attract a lot of men because of my tits, but when they see me not wearing clothes, some men spend more time on my pussy. That’s good because I cum best when my pussy is licked. I had my pussy lips pierced for my pleasure. The men I meet love the jewelry and my hair almost as much as they love my big boobs.”

Now that Mischel has bigger boobs than when she first appeared at SCORELAND, is her sex life sexier?

“I think so. My nipples feel more sensitive. I like to look at them in my mirror more than before. I am more aware of my breasts now so I think because of this, and because they are bigger, I get more people looking at them. I think guys spend more time sucking and licking my boobs. They play with them more. My boyfriends can’t keep their hands off them. This makes sex better.”

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Kimberly Kane Gets Cum on Her Face!





Big titty Kimberly is busy using her face to fuck a guy at the moment. Her big lips wrap around his swollen schlong as she sucks and fucks his stiff prick until he pops his goo all over her big titties.

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Lorena Sanchez in a Hot Threesome!





Lorena Sanchez is turned inside out by two hung studs! The leggy horny slut has a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy at all times! That is until she gets a face full of cum ofcourse!

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Ashley Sage Ellison – Ashley Sage Ellison Jackumentary

Ashley Sage Ellison Jackumentary

Ashley Sage Ellison Jackumentary

A girl from Manchester, England who puts the word “chest” in Manchester, J-cupper Ashley Sage Ellison won both SCORE and V-mag Newcomer of the Year titles for 2009. In 2010, Ashley came in second in V-mag’s Model of the Year, First Runner-Up to Renee Ross. Ashley scored a grand slam by appearing in SCORE, V-mag and XL Girls magazines. Very few have done this.

A beautician by profession, Ashley first started posing for a UK site and then connected with The SCORE Group. A photo team flew to England and filmed Ashley in her home town. St. Maarten in the Caribbean was next. That’s where Ashley met the great Euro-star Karina Hart who was shooting for the website You can imagine the excitement they caused when they went out together. Footage of Karina introducing Ashley plus never-before seen bloopers is included in this Jackumentary.

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Kylie Quinn – Slipping In

Slipping In

Slipping In

“One of my favorite things to do is sneak a guy into my room while my parents are home. It’s risky, but that’s one of the things I like about it. You get a rush knowing that you could be caught. I’ve been lucky so far though. And it’s hot trying to keep quiet while I’m getting fucked so my parents don’t hear. It’s also so much better to fuck in a bed instead of the backseat of a car! I always cum the most when I’m in my own bed.”

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